10 years, 8 months ago

Incremental Progress in (EA) Strategy Execution

I hate watching sports. Period. Except curling where I am confused yet fascinated all at the same time. Despite my aversion, I can still see lessons for EAs and those executing strategy. So here goes…

Consider soccer and (American) football. In soccer, patterns and plays are improvised and executed very quickly. Goals are scored when you put the ball in the other team’s goal. You run until you score, get hurt, or just pass out. That’s about it. In football, plays are thought out, deliberated by an overstaffed sideline, and then executed. Incremental progress is measured in yards and downs. At some point, someone either kicks a field goal (3 pts) or moves the ball into the end zone (6 pts). The game moves slower and more deliberately than soccer. This is where I see the lesson.

Regardless of EA methodology or framework, one needs to construct some sort of roadmap for their architecture. Otherwise, all those massive architecture diagrams are nothing more than 21st century art. The roadmap articulates the various steps an organization needs to execute in order to reach a target state in the architecture. There may be multiple target states before arriving to the next "future state". And within each target state there are incremental steps. Sometimes, its baby steps, and that is OK. 

To paraphrase a previous tweet or blog post, EA (strategy execution)  is a set of executed tactics orchestrated to achieve a desired end state. EA programs should take great care to crisply define the target states and the incremental tactics used to achieve each target state. And, when those tactics or states are realized, examine closely if one is still on track and is moving forward. I always advocate the value of  "advancing 1 yard" on a project or other initiative regarding the architecture. 

Sometimes, a yard is all you can get. Take it, and keep moving.