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Evolving the Way Work Gets Done

Taking into account the needs of our customers and partners and the rapid technology advancements in social computing, today Metastorm released Version 9.1 of the Metastorm BPM software suite, Version 9.0 of Metastorm Smart Business Workspace and the new Metastorm Business Process Intelligence (BPI) dashboards. These new editions include enhanced Social BPM capabilities, a completely personalized workspace, and new graphical process and business performance analysis dashboards to help you improve communication and increase productivity across your organization.

Personal Productivity Redefined!
Metastorm Smart Business Workspace serves as the interface for the Metastorm Business Transformation Platform and gives you a completely personalized user experience with the ability to quickly connect with other users across your enterprise. You can find and immediately connect with others based on a user’s skill set, education or certification, and responsibilities. Metastorm Smart Business Workspace lets you find the right people for the right projects, helping you resolve issues or handle exceptions with better outcomes and in less time.

Not just Social BPM, its Smarter BPM.
Easily understand, align and support your organizational goals using the new and improved features in Metastorm BPM Version 9.1. Some of these key features include more dynamic applications for improved usability, higher productivity and full-scale global deployment that allow you to design process improvements in a more strategic way. Dynamically route work based on user skill set, experience and work load to ensure the most efficient and effective work allocation strategy. Instant chat and playback capabilities help you quickly (and easily) collaborate on projects and understand the evolution of an idea or resolution of an issue. By involving all the right people in an environment designed for both business users and IT, you can access and leverage untapped knowledge to truly understand where you are and where you want to go. 

Immediate insight into your business operations!
The new Metastorm Business Performance Intelligence (BPI) dashboards facilitate meaningful data analysis and informed decision-making by offering you an easy-to-use, web-based interface that helps you quickly build reports and analyze data from other systems and technologies. Any business user has the ability to create their unique dashboard on the fly, without any knowledge of coding. The Metastorm BPI dashboards can be deployed in a variety of environments, including Metastorm Smart Business Workspace, and can be directly integrated into Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office. You can customize your alerts and exception management with the click of a button, giving you the ability to make immediate decisions based on real-time performance information or historical trends in your business. 

With these new features organizations can truly bring together the people, knowledge, content and systems to establish complete visibility, eliminate bottlenecks, and facilitate information-based decisions, faster. For more information about these product releases, I encourage you to check out the Metastorm BPM, Metastorm Smart Business Workspace and Metastorm Business Performance Intelligence solution sheets or reach out to a representative.

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