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Survey Says Lack of Business Strategy Among Top Concerns of SharePoint Deployments

The results of our How are Businesses using Microsoft® SharePoint® in the Enterprise? Fall 2011 Market Survey are out and there are several interesting trends regarding how businesses are leveraging SharePoint. This survey is conducted every six months to help businesses better understand how organizations are driving value out of their SharePoint investment and key challenges they face in their deployments. Three hundred and sixty two people familiar with SharePoint from multiple industries worldwide participated in the survey which ran throughout September.

Key survey results:

SharePoint 2010 Deployments Now Outpace SharePoint 2007
Key results of the survey indicated that SharePoint 2010 adoptions are rising; however, organizations still lack a clear business strategy in their deployments. Forty-nine percent of respondents use SharePoint 2010 as their primary deployment, with 43% using SharePoint 2007. This is a significant increase from the Fall 2010 survey results which indicated that 81% of respondents use SharePoint 2007.

Business Process Management and Workflow are Top Third-Party Applications
Business Process Management (BPM) and workflow continue to be a high-priority, ranking as the number-one third-party add-on application. Sixty-seven percent of the survey respondents indicated that they are using or are planning on using BPM or workflow with their SharePoint implementations. Interestingly, over twenty-three percent of participants said that over 50% of mission-critical documents are stored within their SharePoint environment. Given the high volume of mission-critical documents stored, organizations need to fully understand and automate the process flow of these documents.

Growing Concern Over Lack of Business Strategy for SharePoint Implementations
Another interesting result is that many organizations lack a clear business plan for their SharePoint deployments. Lack of business strategy is the second highest concern of SharePoint users, moving up from its position as the fourth highest concern in the January 2011 survey results. I think it is important to note that organizations need to focus on developing an enterprise-wide strategy to better align business and IT and many organizations have been successful in doing this by using business process management tools.

What do you think about our survey results? Are you surprised by any trends?

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