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6 out of Top 10 Global Brands are IT Companies……is IT COOL Again?

Is Information Technology a COOL Industry to be in? Has “IT” – the silent back-office contributor to the business success finally found it’s rightful place in the Industrial Hierarchy? Well don’t know about that but for consecutive years now a select few IT companies are dominating Top 100 table of Global Brands. In fact according to Interbrand in 2011, 6 out of the top 10 Global Brands are Information Technology companies, up from 5 out of 10 in 2010.
Interbrand should know a thing or two about branding since they are the world’s largest brand consultancy. Here is the top 10 Global Brand table along with Interbrand estimated value of each brand.

#BrandValue ($B)

Not an IT company but we love it anyway!

The Big Blue is truly alive and well. The grand old guardian of IT industry has cemented it’s position as the leader by virtue of innovation, R&D, focus on business software.

Surprised to see MS on number three? Well you should not be MS Office, Windows, Explorer still hold near monopoly position in PC market.

Need we say more? Search, Android, Apps, Phone, Business software, Ecommerce, News…Expect to give IBM run for money in future rankings.

Not an IT company but a true pioneer in industrialising science and technology in many ways. Well-deserved position.

Not an IT company but part of staple for our teams for many decades past and I am sure future decades to come.

Another true pioneer of the PC era, well-deserved position no doubt. However need to innovate and fast to catch tablet and smarphone bandwagon.

Innovator’s Innovator. Jumped from 17th position in 2010 to 8th in 2011. Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone – changed our world, our media and content consumption patterns and re-shaped entire ecosystem. The Ultimate Cool!

Catch them young….and in what a beautiful way! We love this brand and from early years if I may add…

Let recent upheavals not fool you….along with IBM a true cornerstone for the IT industry for many decades. Does need a new identity in fast evolving industry though to make top 10 in next years.