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VPEC-T design pattern helps Children at Risk

I was very pleased to hear recently that one of the VPEC-T design patterns that we originally developed for Criminal Justice has been put to further good use: A group in UK government have been reviewing the activities and information sharing needs of the various agencies involved in protecting “Children at Risk” (driven by the infamous ‘Baby P.’ case) – it seems the solution might be the “Events-as-proxies-for-content” pattern. This pattern emerged out of considering all 5 aspects of VPEC-T in the design. The result is a simple method of creating shared visibility of event histories and rules-based at-risk alerting without getting tangled-up in the inter-agency information (detailed case-note content) privacy policies and avoiding pan-agency value-clashes and trust-issues.

I did get some feedback from a VPEC-T practitioner, that the attendees at a VPEC-T training session had seen how it can be applied to Analysis (and probably Synthesis NG?) but struggled to see how VPEC-T helps with design. I hope this helps demonstrate how it is directly applicable to design. I do find that 90% of the VPEC-T-led design work I’ve done results in an essentially ‘Event Centric’ pattern – then that may just be me! We mention the Events-as-proxies-for-content design pattern briefly in ‘Lost In Translation: A handbook for Information Systems in the 21st Century” – Chapter 3.


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