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CIO Insights Editor Drills Into How Troux Delivers Business Value

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Talking to industry journalists and observers gives us an interesting view into how opinion leaders see enterprise architecture and where it fits in today’s business environment. Given today’s pressures, it wasn’t surprising that Eric Lundquist, vice president of editorial for Ziff Davis Enterprise, focused on practical issues in a recent  “CIO Insight” video interview, hosted on The Pulse Network, with our Chief Technology Officer Bill Cason.

Cason was armed with some great details on how Troux delivers business value quickly, especially through application portfolio management, and with results from a recent survey that impressed Lundquist, a veteran industry watcher, with the wide impact EA is having within organizations practicing EA.

Lundquist first asked how Troux helps companies “that have invested so much in technology that’s all over the place” create a sounder strategy. Cason explained that Troux begins by asking “What are the driving business questions” the customer cannot answer, and then works with the customer to focus  the Troux suite on finding answers. Today, he said, the pressing areas of concern tend to be cost reduction, risk reduction and improved agility.

The next question focused on time to value, with Lundquist noting that while many CIOs want help in various areas, they don’t want to get bogged down in long consulting engagements. Troux’s “time box” approach, said Cason, “tries to identify a certain small set of questions that can be answered in 30, 60, 90 day time boxes, so we can begin to build some success and momentum around the program. Businesses no longer are patient enough to wait months and months and years to get a return on a strategic planning initiative.”

Lundquist was impressed by the survey’s findings that 76% of Architecture and Governance Magazine readers responding to the survey are deeply involved with all facets of the business, including consumer-driven technologies such as mobile, social and cloud computing. That, he said, reflects a trend he’s seeing of organizations trying to break down the internal silos that often exist between business applications and business processes.

One example of how Troux can help better align applications and processes is application portfolio management, which Cason called a “transformational initiative we see our customers very aggressively engaged in.” He cited survey results that showed 60 percent of respondents have, or plan to have, such an APM program in place within the next year to both reduce costs and simplify the business, and that many believe they can reduce their application portfolio by as much as 20 percent.

IT departments are under “tremendous cost pressures” even while they are expected to adapt to new technologies such as mobile and cloud computing. The only way to do that, Cason said, is to free up time and money for such “transformational initiatives” by simplifying the application portfolio.

Cason ended by saying that while Troux works hard to deliver fast results, it strongly encourages itscustomers to “don’t quit after the first 60 or 90 days” but to look for continuing savings, and to use the insights from the APM program in other areas such as compliance.

Overall, the video interview reinforced the trends we’re seeing – the need to break down corporate silos, deliver rapid value and enable “transformational” initiatives – echoed by a full-time industry observer. And, those were supported by  concrete, survey-based answers showing that the industry is truly converging on these exciting themes.

We invite you to watch the full video interview.