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Upping the Ante: Combining ECM and BPM to Drive Better Business Outcomes

We’re excited to announce that our customers can now leverage the capabilities of the OpenText enterprise content management (ECM) and dynamic case management (DCM) together to achieve better business outcomes by bridging the gap between content and process.

According to Forrester Research, dynamic case management is a highly structured but also collaborative, dynamic, and information-intensive process that is driven by outside events and requires incremental and progressive responses from the business domain handling the case. Examples of the combined ECM and DCM solution include patient record, a lawsuit, an insurance claim, or a contract, and the case folder would include all the documents, data, collaboration artifacts, policies, rules, analytics, and other information needed to process and manage the case We believe this integration offers our customers the ability to truly drive positive business transformation throughout their organization by having the ability to bring the right content into any given process.

Customers now have Singular View of Content through Integration with OpenText Content Server
OpenText BPS customers will be able to store and retrieve content from OpenText Content Server, adding new advanced ECM capabilities including search, discovery, auto-classification and management of process-related documents as records. Providing a singular view of content enables our customers to easily use and maintain content over its entire lifecycle.


Process and Content Integration in Action: Insurance Claim

Attendees of our Content World conference in Orlando had an opportunity to see these ECM and BPS integrations in action. For those of you who weren’t able to join us, let’s walk through an example of how this might all come together to solve a very common business process for many of our customers, an insurance claim.

The case starts with a letter from the customer informing us of a claim that he would like to file. OpenText Capture Center takes care of scanning the letter, and begins the work of extracting information using Optical Character recognition and some built-in intelligence to pull the relevant information out of the letter. Most of this work is done automatically, but we’ll flag any problems that arise.

Next, we’re on to the case manager who needs to take some action to review and process the claim.

An invalid policy number is flagged by OpenText Capture Center

The OpenText Case360 adaptive case management solution presents the case manager with their claim processing tasks that need to be completed, as well as tasks that are already complete. This aids them in quickly determining what work needs to be done and ensures they don’t replicate work already completed by others.


Tasks to be completed by the case manager

The case manager decides that they need to gather some additional information related to the case, so they dynamically add a task to request more supporting evidence for the claim.  New documents arrive and are quickly added to the case, with additional information gathered automatically from witness statements and hand-written forms.


Errors easily spotted by users 

The left side of the screen depicts a warning message for the user indicating a missing address in a mandatory form field. On the right side, the user hovers the cursor over the address in the document scanned using OCR, which enables them to view the correct address.


Users quickly make corrections

The user clicks on the address in the scanned document on the right side of the screen, and the form field on the left side of the screen is populated with the correct address. This type of on-the-fly processing significantly reduces the amount of time needed by claims agents to complete claim processing with all of the necessary information correctly entered the first time.

On the screen below, automatic recognition of an incorrectly formatted police report number is flagged. This enables the user to immediately view the scanned document and correct the report number.

With all of the necessary information available, the case manager now completes the claim and authorizes payment.  All of the documents related to the claim are stored in the OpenText ECM suite, with appropriate security and records management policies applied.  As with all content managed by the ECM Suite, the claim documents can now be leveraged from other enterprise systems including SAP, Oracle, and SharePoint.


Documents and contextual information managed by OpenText Content Server

Insurance claim processing is just one of thousands of examples of how the new integration of content and process helps our over 3,100 customers eliminate paper, automate work, and ensures that all people that need to work on the receipts have secure access to information both during the processing and for long-term records maintenance.


Updated Case360 User Interface Streamlines Adoption of Integrated Products
I’m also excited to unveil an updated user interface for the Case360 adaptive case management solution to match the look and feel of the OpenText ECM suite, streamlining adoption of the integrated products.

If you’re new to dynamic case management, I encourage you to download our free white paper by industry expert, Bruce Silver, Case Management: Addressing Unique BPM Environments to better understand the context of BPM and case management. Would you like a demonstration of these new capabilities and how you can integrate your content and process to achieve better results? Contact us at BPM@opentext.com

Have comments or questions about our new capabilities? Please post them in the comments below. Stay tuned to our blog for more announcements and details about new solution capabilities coming soon.

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