9 years, 3 months ago

Results-Driven Business Architecture

Link: http://resources.troux.com/blog/bid/80738/Results-Driven-Business-Architecture

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It’s common knowledge that an EA program has to create business value to be successful. So it is important to consider business architecture as an essential part of an EA program. However, it may not be clear how to leverage business architecture artifacts to create vabuilding blockslue.

This presentation will take a maturity model perspective in the development of a sustainable high-value EA program that includes business architecture every step of the way. As this approach matures, it evolves from being focused on creating an IT portfolio that is aligned to the business to actually improving the overall business itself. Each step of development will take into consideration the roles involved and information necessary to be captured with particular focus on the business benefits derived from the reports and visualizations. We will also share examples of this process in action.

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