9 years, 24 days ago

Why you will fail using Archimate and most other frameworks

Link: https://enklare.wordpress.com/2012/03/17/why-you-will-fail-using-archimate-and-most-other-frameworks/

The key issue with Archimate and most other frameworks is that the Z factor is uncontrolled. What this means is that you will have architects creating views that are unaligned and unintegratable on any wider scale. So on the surface it looks good but underneath the rot has set in and in short amount of time you are worse of then you where without.

John Zachman understood this and has tried to make the community understand it since the inception of his framework. It is to my mind the “hidden” key to his framework and also to all other frameworks.

Can this issue with Archimate and the rest of the bunch be fixed one may ask and the short answer is, yes it can!

By adding a grid for viewpoints that integrates across the horizontal and aligns over the vertical in conjunction with a strict hiearchical breakdown of each concept we free our selves from the creeping rot problem.