8 years, 3 months ago

Open Work: first notes

Open Work


An initial sketch of ideas around the concept of ‘Open work’, a developing idea for a manifesto for a new way of working that leverages concepts around openness and technology that enables openness to enable us all to work better, together.

Other than this preamble this is a straight dump of notes i’ve been jotting down, just thought i’d get it out there on the blog as a vehicle for making myself think more deeply about what i want to achieve. My plan is to start fleshing these notes out, into principles (hey i’m an architect!) and trace these concepts to some reality. When I first started thinking about these ideas I happened upon david cushman’s great writing (http://fasterfuture.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/the-10-principles-of-open-business.html) on the area of ‘open business’, so i’m mindful not to re-hash or at worst plagiarise David’s thoughts (you’ll notice some of my headings map to some of david’s principles.

So my plans consist of trying to frame some interesting and hopefully original thinking, whether this ends up as a post on my blog an ebook, or whatever, i’m not really sure, I’ve just got fed up of thinking things through, so thought its about time I should start, er, writing them through.


-radical sharing/shariarchy
-foster emergence
-Social architecture: (thinking stack/zachman etc)
-connectedness (connectivity and psychological sense by what? shared vision?
-embrace criticism but by embracing criticism how to avoid paralysis (too many arguments)
-Clear threshold for decision making – stops paralysis
-radical un-secrecy
-Virtual Structures
-Now-ness – relate to the when/tenses of sharing future, past, present
– Energy

Current State:

-No opportunity for serendepity
-Closed networks


-Privacy as commodity
-Hyper sharing
-High bandwidth communication/consumption


There is no reason not to share
There is no impediment to sharing