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Open Group Newport Beach Conference 2013 – Big Data Panel

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Mike The Architect Blog - Big Data Panel
Continuing on the theme of Big Data, the Open Group held a
panel on that topic with some of the keynote speakers along with other industry
experts on this complex topic.

The topics included:

  • Big Data and the EA Perspective
  • Lessons learned
  • Big Data’s relationship with the Cloud
  • Mobility
  • Security

 Below are the key insights that resonated with me.

Big Data and the EA

  • Define what is useful data
  • Institute a data life cycle through your governance
  • Focus on what data is going to create business
  • Big data platforms were not built with data
    security in mind (example: Hadoop – access control mechanism not there.. Still needs
    third party controls)


Lessons learned

  • Not all data is created equally
  • Once you classify, then you can do something
    with it


Big Data & Cloud

  • Need to figure out information, service level
    agreements and risk analysis 
  • Sometime the risk analysis points to private
  • If you are thinking about moving big chunks of
    data around the enterprise, then cloud may not be an option. Figure out
    real-time data, Hadoop solutions, ETL or Data Warehousing.


Mobility &

  • Developers are now developing  for mobile first or at a minimum mobile compatible
  • It is important to address security in the mobile
    tier. How important is to make data avail to mobile device
  • In general, if consumers have access to it on
    their desktop, they will want it on their mobile


Value of Big Data

NASA is using Big Data in several small projects, mostly in
the visualization realm.

Example: Write an app to use NASA data to allow a farmer to
have an iOS app to determine what they should grow. The team that worked on it
realize that great satellite data wasn’t enough. They decide to build the
“mash-up” of data through other sources. The mash-up was vital to getting an
accurate view.