11 years, 2 months ago

Worst Methods for Enterprise Architecture

Link: https://jeffreyblake.tumblr.com/post/44755092126

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Burton outlined her baker’s dozen of “worst” enterprise architecture practices. The EA methods that Burton said muddied efforts and missed overall business returns are as follows:

1. No link to business strategic planning and budget process.

2. Confusing “IT Architecture” with “Enterprise Architecture.”

3. Lack of governance.

4. Too much standardization.

5. Focusing on the art/language of EA rather than the outcomes.

6. Strictly adhering to architectural frameworks.

7. An “Ivory Tower” approach by IT and EA team members.

8. Lack of communication and feedback.

9. Limiting the teams to IT resources.

10. Missing performance measures.

11. Picking a tool before understanding business needs.

12. Focusing on the current state first and primarily.

13. Thinking that implementation equals completion.