6 years, 10 months ago

Case Experiences and Best practices Using ArchiMate® and TOGAF®

<p>Implementing Enterprise Architecture in any organization requires an effective method and a consistent way of modeling to build architecture models. The Open Group standards <a title="proven, comprehensive and generic methodology and framework" href="http://www.bizzdesign.com/consultancy/enterprise-architecture-management/togaf/#The Open Group Architecture Framework">TOGAF</a>® and <a title="open modeling language for architects to model and communicate Enterprise Architecture" href="http://www.bizzdesign.com/consultancy/enterprise-architecture-management/archimate/#Architects need a unified framework to describe enterprise architectures">ArchiMate</a>®  are used worldwide to implement Enterprise Architecture. TOGAF® focuses on the method of implementing and maintaining Enterprise Architecture. ArchiMate® is an Enterprise Architecture modeling language standard. A lot of organizations in various markets worldwide use (a a combination of) these standards.</p><p>On <strong>28-March-2013</strong> I will present a webinar via <a title="Leading the development of open, vendor-neutral IT standards and certifications" href="http://www.opengroup.org">The Open Group</a> in which I will give an overview of some real-life case experiences in using ArchiMate® and TOGAF® for implementing Enterprise Architecture. The approach, deliverables and examples of the several case studies will be shared. Furthermore, practical do’s and don’ts in adopting ArchiMate® and TOGAF® will be discussed. Attendees of this webinar will benefit from the lessons learned, and will learn which aspects are typically important to consider when implementing Enterprise Architecture in any organization.</p><p><a title="Register for this webinar" href="https://opengroupevents.webex.com/ec0606l/eventcenter/enroll/join.do?confViewID=1003593497&amp;theAction=detail&amp;confId=1003593497&amp;path=program_detail&amp;siteurl=opengroupevents">Registration details</a> for this webinar can be found on the Open Group website.</p><p> </p><div class="captionImage left" style="width: 600px;"><img class="left" src="http://www.bizzdesign.com/assets/BlogDocuments-2/_resampled/resizedimage600255-Togaf-archimate-repository-reference-models.png" alt="Togaf archimate repository reference models" title="During the webinar Rob Kroese will explain TOGAF and archiMate" width="600" height="255"/><p class="caption">ArchiMate® and TOGAF®</p></div>