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EA Effectiveness Series: Highly Impactful EA Organizations Make Value Driven Decisions

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Mike The Architect Blog: Value Driven Decisions

A big thank you to all the folks that came to my presentation at the Troux World Conference last week. We had a full room of enterprise architects and EA consultants. Thank you for all your support and great questions. 

I wanted to  share with all of you my presentation given at the conference. Just like with most of my presentations there are lots of images that require a voice over. So, my apologies to those who are seeing this for the first time without hearing it in person. To remedy that a bit, I will post about the concepts form within the presentation over the course of the next few weeks . 




Enterprise Architects are faced with a rapidly changing business climate, competitive pressures and a shifting technology landscape that is forcing the enterprise to evolve. With this acceleration of change in the market it requires faster decisions that are well informed to maximize value. Enterprise Architects are at the tip of the spear to enable this change but need the tools.

In this session I will explore one of the proven practices that I have found from highly impactful Enterprise Architecture (EA) organizations, namely enterprise portfolios. Enterprise portfolios extend past the traditional project and program discipline to cover all aspects of the enterprise. Moving from disconnected, static and context-less pieces of data to a governed portfolio of enterprise knowledge that can maximize value and mitigate risk to our businesses.