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Is this what you think of Enterprise Architecture?

Is this Enterprise Architecture?

Shrouded in a cloud of mysterious incantation like jargon, accompanied by frantic hand waving, completely removed from real world, practiced by the high priests in a top secret location somewhere, unbeknownst to any one in the company, especially the business folks… Is this what you think of Enterprise Architecture??
Do your eyes glaze over when you hear terms like “artifacts” and “reference architectures” and browse through tomes of complex imagery? Well, rarely would you come across a group of practitioners that spend as much time trying to prove their work in the organization as actually doing the work! More than 50% of fair sized organizations have little to no EA, those that do have it are constantly “restarting” it. Of course, analysts help out these constant restarts by giving encouraging nomenclature like “EA 2.0”, “Reinvent EA” – and some analysts even trying to rebrand it to take the words “Enterprise” and “Architecture” out of it!!
Even though I am a practicing Enterprise Architect, I deliberately start off my post with a healthy (well, unhealthy if you ask me…) dose of skepticism so that we can cut through the noise and get to the real thing, if there is any!
Dear readers, I humbly submit that there is… This thing called Enterprise Architecture is real and if implemented well, it can give a competitive advantage to your organization. In our journey together, I’ll try to look at real world frameworks and scenarios, and distill a practical and actionable EA that you can operationalize in your own organizations! I am convinced that you can drive tangible and repeatable benefits from your Enterprise Architecture practice by following rather simple principles.
Please stay tuned for more on this.. Also, I would love to hear from you so please drop me a line or two if you agree or not. Thanks for reading!