11 years, 11 days ago

The essence of all Enterprise Architecture Frameworks in 30 seconds!

Enterprise Architecture frameworks are simple in their essence, that is how a framework should be –  SIMPLE !! Before you are drowned in a plethora of EA frameworks and jargon, I believe that everything good in life is generally simple and can be explained in a few seconds. Most of the powerful business ideas that I know of have a simple yet powerful concept behind them; most of the powerful software code I have seen has the beauty of simplicity behind it etc. etc. Please allow me to sound like a broken record one more time – Simple is good!
Lets survey the essentials of EA frameworks in a few seconds. Practically, almost all of them  composed of three broad areas:
Business Architecture – This is probably the most neglected part of Enterprise Architecture, and yet the most powerful. This is all about aligning with business strategy, articulating business capabilities and business processes. We will look into it in more detail in the subsequent posts. Absolutely no talk of technology or software applications in this area of Enterprise Architecture!
Information Architecture – Before SAP, Oracle and IBM applications take us over, please remember that all these applications and the information architecture exists to merely enable (or automate) the business processes. That is their sole purpose in life! By the way, both data and applications are generally considered parts of the Information Architecture (some folks also include integration architecture as part of Information Architecture, some keep it separate..)
Technology Architecture – Ah! The trusted infrastructure and technology architecture finally makes its entry. The darling of all brainiacs, the talk of the town, the domain of “techies” is certainly what made IT popular… Unfortunately, as you can see in the diagram, it lies below the “line of business interest”. In other words, “da b’ness don’ care”!
Thanks for reading as we slowly build a solid overall foundation of Enterprise Architecture. Please feel free to drop me a line if you like it or if you don’t agree. If you have any specific topics that you would like me to write about, please let me know and I will try to accommodate..  Thanks again!