10 years, 11 months ago

Repeat Day 2013: Old data governance methods don’t work. Stop repeating yourself.

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By: Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

While most celebrate National Repeat Day by doing the things they enjoy over and over, I got to thinking about all the things in life we consistently repeat for lack of information and understanding of what is truly necessary. “Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat.” comes to mind as a once widely accepted directive developed by shampoo companies, which has now been  exposed as a damaging daily routine.describe the image

Here at Troux, we often work with customers that have found themselves repeating past sins
when it comes to formulating IT strategy and gaining visibility over IT asset’s spread across an enterprise. When the task of collecting data about applications, technology, projects and information is performed, the data often ends up in a spreadsheet and, at the rate that business and technology move today, the data is outdated the moment it is saved. Without real-time visibility across all the business functions, it’s impossible to accurately determine whether initiatives, processes and assets are duplicated, still relevant or operate in an efficient manner.

One time snap shots of the as-is state and disconnected strategic planning processes, often based on static collections of Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint documents, are no longer sufficient (not to mention the recent study revealing 88 percent of Excel documents contain mistakes). Lack of real time information and a management practice prone to errors can lead to highly involved decisions and processes that have no impact on the business, or worse, cost the business a great deal of money and resources.

The up side is there are solutions available that enable organizations to understand and optimize the connected set of portfolios that characterize an enterprise: goals and strategy, business architecture, applications, technology, information and investments. A clear view and scientific analysis across all of these portfolios sets up your organization for wise decision making and efficient processes, no repeat necessary. Now you can free up some time to repeat that trip to the ice cream shop or take another spin around the lake.

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