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Open Group TweetJam on ‘Platform 3.0′

Link: http://weblog.tetradian.com/2013/06/07/open-group-tweetjam-on-platform-3-0/

A quick ‘public-service’ blog-post to document a possibly-useful conversation for enterprise-architects and others.

Yesterday (6 June 2013) The Open Group ran a ‘tweet-jam‘ online-conversation, to:

examine how convergent technologies such as Big Data, Social, Mobile and The Internet of Things are impacting today’s business operations [and to] discuss the opportunities available to those organizations who keep pace with this rapid pace of change and how they might take steps to get there.

Open Group describe this convergence as ‘Platform 3.0‘.

As in previous Open Group tweet-jams’, the discussion was moderated by Dana_Gardner, and focussed on these five questions:

  • Does your organization see a convergence of emerging technologies such as social networking, mobile, cloud and the internet of things?
  • How has this convergence affected your business?
  • Are these changes causing you to change your IT platform; if so how?
  • How is the data created by this convergence affecting business models or how you make business decisions?
  • What new IT capabilities are needed to support new business models and decision making?

Unfortunately, Open Group decided to use two hashtags – their usual #ogChat, and another for this specific discussion, #ogp3 (for ‘Platform 3.0′) – which made it much harder to follow the conversation. I was only able to follow one hashtag – #ogp3, in this case – which means that I’ve almost certainly missed a fair few of the tweets in the conversation. Oh well.

I’ll have to admit that to my mind there’s still an awful lot of IT-centrism there – though perhaps not surprising in this context, of course. Yet it’s good to see that for once there is also a fair amount of emphasis on the human side: for example, Dave Lounsbury (@technodad), comes back to these people-oriented themes time and time again, and towards the end E.G. Nadhan (@nadhanathp) comes up with the useful reverse-acronym of ROI as ‘Return On Individuals’. In other words, ‘enterprise-architecture’ that sometimes actually does live up to its name, rather than solely used as a term-hijack for an overblown IT-only architecture: an important difference, compared to even two or three years ago.

So, for what it’s worth, here’s all of the conversation that I did catch, sorted as best I can into something resembling a meaningful order. I’ve cleaned up the text a bit to remove unnecessary hashtags and ‘RT @’ flags, but otherwise the text is exactly as taken from the Twitterstream. Hope it’s useful to someone, anyway?


  • dana_gardner: Now kicking off tweet jam on Platform 3.0. For definition of Platform 3.0 see Dave Lounsbury’s blog: http://t.co/vKePutAnL1
  • dana_gardner: I’m Dana Gardner (http://t.co/kqR2m0SGs2 ) and moderating the 1-hour tweet jam on #ogp3; we’ll pose 5 questions #cloud #mobile
  • dana_gardner: Please introduce yourself and get ready for question 1, identified by “Q1″ … and so on. You may respond with “A1″ and so on.
  • technodad: Dave Lounsbury, Chief Technical Officer of @theopengroup  joining the Platform 3.0 tweetjam
  • chrisjharding: I’m Chris Harding, Forum Director for the Platform 3.0 Forum joining the tweetjam
  • jim_hietala: Jim Hietala, VP, Security The Open Group, joining Platform 3.0 tweetjam
  • vincekuraitis: Hi, Vince Kuraitis, healthcare strategy consultant, blogger.  Working title of forthcoming book is “Replatforming Healthcare”
  • allenbrownopen: Allen Brown joining the conversation
  • neternity: Ross Button aka NEternity – Business and IT Strategy Consultant
  • ledavey28: Hi! I am the Forum Coordinator for #ogp3 as well as #OTTF #ogArchiMate #ogArch #ogRTES #ogSecurity #ogJericho @theopengroup
  • relmousti: Rachid El Mousti, Devoteam, Senior Consultant

Question 1: Does your organization see a convergence of emerging technologies such as social networking, mobile, cloud and the internet of things?

  • dana_gardner: Q1 Does your organization see convergence among #social networking, #mobile, #cloud, #bigdata & Internet of things (#M2M)?
  • dana_gardner: For a definition of Platform 3.0 convergence see Dave Lounsbury’s blog: http://t.co/vKePutAnL1 #cloud #mobile #bigdata #social
  • technodad: A1: Yes – plus significant improvement in analytics tools. Starting to see hints of uptake of #machinelearning as well.
  • nadhanathp: A1. It takes Cloud Computing to process Big Data.  Hence the convergence.  http://t.co/8EuWltB4nJ
  • jim_hietala: Q1: absolutely see these converging, albeit in a chaotic way…most of these are creating big data
  • dana_gardner: I don’t think you can address #social, #mobile, #cloud, #bigdata and #M2M outside context of each other, or in combo
  • vincekuraitis: A1. Unfortunately, industry I work in–healthcare–is just becoming digitized and joining 21st century.  But inevitable.
  • chrisjharding: A1 I see the new technologies and huge potential for enterprises to use them in combination
  • chrisjharding: @NadhanAtHP Users shouldn’t need to know how or where their data is processed (just how much it costs)
  • neternity: Is BigData a business concern ? How big is big ? is cloud a business enabler or now just a style of IT  ?
  • psimondk: Cloud is used outside the context of #mobile and #bigdata or #M2M and can be adressed without adresseing the other topics
  • technodad: We’re just at the start of convergence too- Internet of Things will bring in whole new categories of data & contexts for use.
  • nadhanathp: . @VinceKuraitis Hence the Population Health Working Group to apply EA principles to Healthcare http://ow.ly/lM9dF
  • vincekuraitis: .@NadhanAtHP Population health is where Platform 3.0 will take hold in healthcare, but nascent. Will check out conference.
  • chrisjharding: @VinceKuraitis Huge potential in healthcare. Needs standard platform to exploit. Can’t afford special solutions.
  • nadhanathp: . @chrisjharding Hence the Population Health Working Group to be announced at OG conference in Philly http://ow.ly/lM9PD
  • nadhanathp: . @neternity How Big is Big?  As big as a Brontobyte! http://t.co/85mFNT6hLz
  • chrisjharding: @NadhanAtHP @neternity However big big is, business advantage comes from bigger.

Question 2: How has this convergence affected your business?

  • dana_gardner: Q2 How has this Platform 3.0 convergence affected your business? #cloud #mobile #bigdata #social #M2M
  • psimondk: @neternity Cloud is certainly a business enabler – at least in the sense that it lowers the IT barrier of entry considerably
  • technodad: @neternity Getting timely / correct info for decisions is always business concern. Trick is turning data into business info.
  • dana_gardner: Q 2.1 Are there ways that #ogp3 affects #SMBs differently from #enterprises? #cloud #mobile #bigdata #social #M2M
  • neternity: “@psimondk: @neternity” cloud cuts cost -Best business enabler is service velocity
  • technodad: A2: It means looking at fast-evolving and much wider range of business data. Velocity is a challenge, so is data quality
  • neternity: Social and Analytics to me are the aspects of P3 that will resonate with business folks ( the ones with the money )
  • psimondk: @neternity Agreed it cut costs – but it also cut’s time to market and complexity – hence the enabling factor
  • nadhanathp: . @Technodad Information is most valuable .. when delivered on time with context http://t.co/01B9XVl2oK
  • vincekuraitis: @chrisjharding @NadhanAtHP @neternity Economies of scale vs. economies of scope (more likely)?
  • dana_gardner: Q 2.2 Are there ways that #ogp3 affects #B2C companies differently from #B2B ones? #cloud #mobile #bigdata #social #M2M
  • jonmaddison: A2.1. SMBs more impacted by #social – more important for them to manage message to grow customer base/reputation?
  • neternity: “@psimondk: @neternity Agreed i…to market and complexity – hence the enabling factor” I call that service velocity – we agree
  • vincekuraitis: @NadhanAtHP @Technodad Value of “context” is huge, not yet understood.
  • chrisjharding: A2.1 SMBs need a standard platform. They can’t develop custom solutions the way large enterprises can.
  • allenbrownopen: What barriers are there to getting the benefits of big data?
  • technodad: Convergence is shifting the focus of data sources- you can no longer rely solely on enterprise data for competitive decisions.
  • nadhanathp: A2. B2C companies can leverage #ogp3 to track the social persona of their customers http://t.co/B1Otgk0cCu  @ECIOForum
  • chrisjharding: @jonmaddison Yes – but large enterprises use social in a different way – for internal communications
  • dana_gardner: A2 Platform 3 begins to change the way that business react, they can perhaps go proactive to market with less risk.
  • nadhanathp: . @VinceKuraitis Agreed.  Introducing new definition for ROI – Return on Information http://t.co/68uH8rpx2T  @ECIOForum
  • vincekuraitis: Are there P3.0 “road kill autopsies” (lessons) to learn from?
  • chrisjharding: @VinceKuraitis Not yet – concept too new – but there surely will be!
  • technodad: @VinceKuraitis Area is new. Not sure there are autopsies but there are lesson learned from early experiments / adopters
  • psimondk: @NadhanAtHP @ECIOForum Agree to that, however would restrictions imposed by national / international law not limit the utility?
  • vincekuraitis: +1 RT @NadhanAtHP: Agreed.  Introducing new definition for ROI – Return on Information http://t.co/kjucCLyCXd  @ECIOForum
  • nadhanathp: . @Technodad “Informationalizing” big data with context would be a good start to realize value http://t.co/9yNJ49yItG
  • technodad: A2: Decision makers at all levels are becoming aware of & asking for business relevant information (not just data.)

Question 3: Are these changes causing you to change your IT platform; if so how?

  • dana_gardner: Q3 Are these #ogp3 changes causing you to change your IT platform approach; if so how? #cloud #mobile #bigdata #social #M2M
  • dana_gardner: A3 I think we can safely say there are more questions than answers about Platform 3 and it’s impacts #cloud #mobile #bigdata
  • nadhanathp: A3. #ogP3 reflects a New Style of IT  that impacts applications transformation http://t.co/cITBA4gb36
  • vincekuraitis: @NadhanAtHP I have about 8 tabs open to all links you are providing.  Thanks.  Will need to read later.
  • nadhanathp: . @chrisjharding Question is whether your enterprise is as social as its customers? http://t.co/zVpkh1nbg4
  • 01leachy: @NadhanAtHP Really good point. Is it not that enterprises are being led by consumer technology transformation and behavior?
  • chrisjharding: A3 #ogp3 is a new approach to platform. Not just a platform on one system. Platform on the Cloud.
  • vincekuraitis: Helpful distinction. RT @chrisjharding: A3 #ogp3 is a new approach to platform. Not just a platform on 1 system. Platform on Cloud.
  • dana_gardner: Q 3.1 Which one of #cloud #mobile #bigdata #social is primary, or drives the others? How do they relate in impact order? #M2M
  • neternity: I’ve had discussions where p3 thinking was equated to BYOD – value of OGp3 will be to expand, educate and evolve our collective
  • allenbrownopen: Where is the drive coming from for Cloud and Big Data?  Is it a shadow IT thing?
  • nadhanathp: . @allenbrownopen Customers, Business, Innovation, Finance and Governance –  @theopengroup blog post http://t.co/O43DfKajEy
  • nadhanathp: . @01Leachy Absolutely.  See what #bigdata has to say about its new Master — the #CMO http://t.co/bfHcomjnNB
  • psimondk: A3.1 my votes goes to #cloud as the primary IT enabler #bigdata followed by #mobile as the primary business driver
  • vincekuraitis: Anyone have a conceptual model/framework of P3.0? relationship to P2.0? that would be helpful.
  • technodad: @chrisjharding Platform 3.0 also needs to have business decision making as ] goal & turn #bigdata into usable information.
  • dana_gardner: A3 Point is that these reinforce and receive for each other, but is IT the master or enabler Who actually drives #ogp3? No one yet.
  • chrisjharding: Gather weather data and process in real time and send mobile alerts to people on twister path – that’s convergence
  • chrisjharding: Or just better personalized weather forecasts.
  • vincekuraitis: Business strategy and IT strategy converge @ Platform 3.0
  • jim_hietala: RT @NadhanAtHP: . @VinceKuraitis Agreed.  Introducing new definition for ROI – Return on Information http://t.co/RxClwd8322
  • technodad: @VinceKuraitis Defining this in @theopengroup Platform 3.0 Forum – come join us & help!
  • nadhanathp: . @Technodad #ogP3 needs to embrace the principle of “Infonomics” introduced by @Doug_Laney http://t.co/cVu2OvT3M5
  • vincekuraitis: Great term. RT @NadhanAtHP: . @Technodad #ogP3 principle of “Infonomics” introduced by @Doug_Laney http://t.co/nKIK6nE6ex
  • neternity: : A3 #ogp3 IT can be the hero with cool, innovative, fast and cheap solutions once business sees either an opportunity or a problem
  • technodad: @allenbrownopen needs to be driven by marketing & sales to be useful – otherwise it’s just IT being data pack rats.
  • psimondk: @Dana_Gardner  A3 I think you need to look at #cloud and #mobile and #bigdata and #M2M separately in order to answer the question.
  • nadhanathp: . @chrisjharding Here is how you can make even your e-mail matter with context @movableink: http://ow.ly/lMd6i
  • chrisjharding: @NadhanAtHP @movableink My email certainly feels like big data – would be good to get more value from it
  • technodad: A3: IT needs to look beyond data handling/storage and understand analytics from the perspective of business decision maker
  • chrisjharding: @Technodad @allenbrownopen Gather market and sales data and use to direct production and sales resources
  • nadhanathp: . @VinceKuraitis “Infonomics” really begins at home — data about us is not free  .. http://t.co/c6tpTBff3F @Doug_Laney
  • technodad: A3: Data quality and filtering tools needed to prevent GIGO when doing analytics.
  • dana_gardner: A3 I’m suprised no one has said the business architect should help rationalize and exploit #ogP3. Makes sense to me. #EA #cloud
  • dana_gardner: A3 #ogchat Seems like making #ogP3 perform in synergy and business value is the real chore of the business architect #Archimate
  • psimondk: @Dana_Gardner I currently run a large #Cloud project for a multinational – no EA architects in sight. But in #bigdata I concur.
  • nadhanathp: . @Dana_Gardner Good point, Dana.   Business functions that matter must drive #ogP3 adoption http://t.co/IsOIRJlBKY  @FillMurphy
  • vincekuraitis: “Business architect” is conceptually understandable but who actually has such a title? // Ultimately, is “business architect” any different than “CEO”?
  • neternity: “@VinceKuraitis: Ultimately, is “business architect” any different than “CEO”? ” business architect – I go by strategy advisor
  • dana_gardner: @VinceKuraitis The person tasked with making best use of #ogP3. Sorry for the circular nature of this.
  • ehrworkflow: .@VinceKuraitis re “is business architect any different than CEO?” @bpmfocus gave great @Appian preso http://t.co/5yYKs9fwI7
  • chrisjharding: @EHRworkflow @VinceKuraitis Could be – but you don’t have to know or care what kind of cloud or other resource you use #ogcloud
  • ehrworkflow: @chrisjharding have heard phrases such as “intercloud” and “metaplatform” in other contexts, possibly related? @VinceKuraitis #ogcloud

Question 4: How is the data created by this convergence affecting business models or how you make business decisions?

  • dana_gardner: Q4 How is #data created by this convergence or #ogp3 affecting business models & how one makes business decisions? #cloud #mobile
  • nadhanathp: . @Dana_Gardner Here is how #bigdata and #ogP3 can impact Product Development lifecycle http://t.co/Bxp67UNLkS  @ECIOForum
  • chrisjharding: A4 Don’t know yet – that’s what the Forum will focus on first
  • nadhanathp: A4. @Dana_Gardner #ogP3 impact: Enterprises must go social to know what their customers want http://t.co/pn66HD77z2  @ECIOForum
  • nadhanathp: Looking into the future home of #BigData http://t.co/y92GdovELz Think #DNA
  • technodad: A4: Not sure there are fundamental changes – just ones of scope and velocity as decision makers look to Outside-in data.
  • nadhanathp: An open letter from #BigData to Enterprise IT @ECIOForum http://t.co/9aaCZMtQli
  • dana_gardner: A4 The use and creation of data fundamentally shifts due to #ogp3 It feeds many more decisions #cloud #mobile #bigdata #social
  • dana_gardner: @NadhanAtHP @ECIOForum Agreed. Best focus group is the actual group, and the bigger the better.
  • technodad: A4: One change is move towards conversations- social brings channel for two-way engagement. Sentiment analysis more important.
  • jim_hietala: A4 much of what we’re talking about touches customer interaction & understanding, lots of sales/mktg bus.drivers
  • technodad: @Dana_Gardner OK on use and creation, but good business decision makers always used “good enough” data for decision making
  • neternity: A4: social sounds simple but leveraging social data to effect business decisions is complex
  • nadhanathp: . @Dana_Gardner #BigData tools allow a dynamic focus-group of sorts based on sentiment analysis http://t.co/UENGwchWF6
  • allenbrownopen: RT @lionbenjamins: Inter- and Cross- organisational barriers, Understanding, beating the NIH syndrome &’trust’ and ‘security’
  • jonmaddison: @Dana_Gardner A4. difference between data created by #mobile, driving insight and that consumed by mobile, enabling faster decisions
  • chrisjharding: A4 We need to understand the business scenarios before we start to describe the technical platform

Question 5: What new IT capabilities are needed to support new business models and decision making?

  • dana_gardner: Q5 What new IT capabilities are needed to support new business models and decision making? #cloud #mobile #bigdata #social
  • dana_gardner: This Q5 is the last question, coming up on the end at the top of the hour, thanks! #ogp3 #cloud #mobile #bigdata #social #M2M
  • technodad: A5: Don’t wait for “convergence” or “big data”. You probably have data you’re not using to best advantage in decision making.
  • dana_gardner: @Technodad And so now they can get better and better data, move decisions to proactive with less risk. Huge, I’d say.
  • nadhanathp: A5. Say hello to the Data Scientist – Sexiest job in the world of #bigdata in the 21st century http://t.co/iJO7eb8RqC
  • technodad: @NadhanAtHP Yes- but growth in data >> growth in # of data scientists. Will #machinelearning fill the gap?
  • neternity: A5 tools tools interoperability semantics cross everything support simplicity
  • technodad: A5: IT needs to look beyond data handling and understand analytics from the perspective of business decision maker
  • nadhanathp: A5. Enterprises must realize their Return on Individuals – another definition for #ROI http://t.co/UxIcihSwjF  @ECIOForum
  • technodad: A5: Need to filter wrong or irrelevant data. “God loves the noise as much as he loves the signal” – but the CEO doesn’t.
  • neternity: A5 business continuity becomes more a discussion item as IT dependency grows, cloud brings external dependencies
  • jonmaddison: A5. May be more down to change in social behaviour (acceptance your mobile data is shared), rather than IT, that drives bus models
  • nadhanathp: . @Technodad It should be growth in “data that matters” that drives growth in # of data scientists http://t.co/ow84m4jqI5
  • nadhanathp: . @Technodad Hence the need to work with “data that matters” with context http://t.co/ow84m4jqI5
  • technodad: @NadhanAtHP Totally agree – understanding data meaning and quality is going to be essential skill in CIO dep’t.
  • 01leachy: Do you think that businesses are equipped with the right talent to lead this change?
  • nadhanathp: . @01Leachy Businesses that do will realize their “Return on Individuals” http://t.co/A6wr81h5C8


  • dana_gardner: Thanks to all for joining The Open Group tweet chat on Platform 3.0. Great job, all. #ogp3 #cloud #mobile #bigdata #social #M2M
  • chrisjharding: Thanks everyone! Platform 3.0 will have open meeting at Philadelphia conference http://t.co/XeWQDJQPx7
  • dianedanamac: Continue the conversation at The Open Group Philadelphia event! July 15-18 http://ow.ly/lMcHc