10 years, 11 months ago

EA Worst Practice #1 – Enterprise Architecture for its own sake!

So, how many times have you listened to someone drone on and on about what they do, without any regard to how it will help YOU solve YOUR problems. Do you have the time or really care about the intricacies and fuel efficiency of the greatest lawn mower in the world if you happen to live on the 16th floor of a building?

Enterprise architecture, if not directly tied to a business outcome, sounds just like this picture to a business leader – bla bla bla, meh meh meh… “So what have you done for me lately?”, she might ask!

Beware of this worst practice of Enterprise Architecture, where we try to explain the (boring) frameworks and terminology to business or IT leaders just for the sake of Enterprise Architecture. Please remember, our mission is to enable business strategies by providing optimal solutions – all rest is fluff.

Nobody needs to care about Enterprise Architecture but for the value it brings. If we can articulate that value by first understanding our business and then speaking its language, we will never have to explain Enterprise Architecture for its own sake!

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