11 years, 17 days ago

Do Not Underestimate the Emotional Deliverables of Enterprise Architecture!

As Enterprise Architects, most probably from an Information Technology background, we are naturally inclined to think in terms of frameworks, processes, deliverables, reference models, reference architectures, technical specifications etc. Many of us fail to realize the power of Emotional Deliverables! Unfortunately, they do not show up on any architecture framework.

There is a lot of power in these Emotional Deliverables – consensus, agreement, cheerful participation, a sense of purpose in going after the project at hand, buy-in and feeling appreciated – these can make or break a multimillion dollar project!

Lets ask ourselves this question: What would you rather have – a project that meets 95% requirements but has 0% buy-in and agreement OR a project that meets 80% requirements but has the entire organization standing behind it to deliver?

These emotional deliverables are real and end up costing millions of dollars on major projects as many of you might have experienced first hand. Let us remind ourselves to deliver on these important artifacts and help guide our enterprises to ever-expanding frontiers!

As you know, I love to hear back from you, whether you agree with me or not. So please keep your comments coming and thank you very much for reading..