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Accelare Announces WhatFirst 2013

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WhatFirst 2013 logoI am excited about the new edition of our business architecture product, WhatFirst™. Here is the scoop.

Accelare announces the general availability of WhatFirst™ 2013, the next generation of Strategy-to-Execution software on the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform. WhatFirst™ is designed as a planning tool to unpack strategy into executable packages of integrated work and provide organizations with an explicit approach for turning strategy into a set of properly designed sequenced and adequately resourced actions to deliver predictable and measureable results. With WhatFirst™, organizations reduce the risk of project failure, the impact of destructive and unorganized multi-tasking, and increase the velocity of strategy execution while running the current business.

WhatFirst™ comes with five integrated modules to manage the Strategy-to-Execution and Business Architecture disciplines of the firm.

  • The Strategy Module helps firms to define their strategic differentiation from different constituent points-of-view and document and cascade strategies, goals, and objectives across the organization.
  • The Capability Module helps firms identify and prioritize critical capability gaps to achieve strategic intent.
  • The Resource Model helps companies link and manage people, technology, information and other resources required to execute on the strategic agenda.
  • The Planning Module supports the development of an investment roadmap for the business directly linked to the strategies, capabilities, and resources of the firm and its suppliers.
  • The Execution Module is used to create metrics and scorecards to manage strategy execution on a day-to-day basis.

As a SharePoint 2013 application offering available in either SaaS or on-premise form, WhatFirst™ extends SharePoint’s native functionality as a collaborative platform to more broadly engage managers and employees in the strategic thinking and execution planning efforts of the firm. Users can appropriately create, review, contribute to, and collaborate on the development of strategy or plans for execution. SharePoint lists and documents can be easily linked to any component of the WhatFirst™ application.

The bottom line:_______________________________________________________________________________________________

WhatFirst™ is a powerful tool for business architects interested in capability management. You can go here to learn more and request a demo.


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