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The Key to a Successful ITAM Practice


The Elephant in the Room Few See

ITAM - IT ASSET MANAGEMENT - INTACT TECHNOLOGYWhat is the single most important goal of IT Asset Management (ITAM)?  Providing the enterprise an Asset Repository comprised of all in-scope assets (“Complete”) and accurate asset information (“Accurate”).  Complete and Accurate – simple to state, not simple to achieve on a sustained basis.  Most companies fail miserably at this objective.

People don’t bother using and updating the Asset Repository because they cannot depend on it. In my experience implementing ITAM or improving companies ITAM practice, most have no clue how complete or accurate their Asset Repository is. Sadly, almost always, the Asset Repository was most complete and accurate when they first implemented ITAM.  Thereafter, Asset Repository completeness and accuracy eroded due to it not being updated (compliance to process) and audited.

If only these companies saw the Elephant in the room when undertaking ITAM and gave respect to the big guy!

What does the ITAM Elephant want to teach us? 

ITAM is unlike any other ITIL process area.  IT leadership’s recognizing and properly managing these differences directly impact the ability to achieve sustained ITAM success.

  • ITAM has a broad reach across the organization including service delivery, service desk, procurement, accounting, stock management, change and incident management, etc. / “Many people in different areas are involved.”
  • ITAM is totally dependent upon these many individuals to input asset data into the Asset Repository consistently, completely and accurately / “Compliance to ITAM process is mandatory.”
  • Individuals depended upon to enter asset information often consider this an adjunct to their primary responsibilities / “Not that important.”
  • When (notice I didn’t say “if”) ITAM process is not complied with, no one is dinged / “This will not come back to me, so no worries.”
  • Asset Management team does not sufficiently (if at all) audit the Asset Repository for:
    • Completeness and accuracy against trusted sources, and
    • Compliance to ITAM process (who needs to be dinged).

The ITAM Elephant is an expert of few words:  Enforce compliance to ITAM process and audit the Asset Repository regularly.  Do this and ITAM will achieve sustained success and bring tremendous value to the enterprise.  Ignore the big guy and your Asset Repository will become stale, not very useful, which then gives everyone an excuse for not complying with ITAM Process.

Do you see the elephant now?

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