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Building a High Performing IT: Atos and Troux

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Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

peak condition 090313 3 01Today we’re excited to welcome a new partner in Europe, Atos Germany. Atos is an international information technology services company with an annual revenue of $11.6 billion US and 76,400 employees in 47 countries. 

Atos brings experience in strategic planning, transforming and running massive IT landscapes with many moving parts and stakeholders across a multitude of functions. A shining example of this is the work that Atos has done for the past twenty years as the Worldwide IT Partner and Lead Integrator for the Olympic and Paralympic games. There are very few IT projects on Earth that require an IT services company to set up operations every two years in completely unknown territory and then deliver on an extraordinary scale under the scrutiny of the entire world.

At Troux, we are eager to join forces with such an impressive organization. Combined with Troux’s expertise in helping business leaders make more informed strategy decisions by connecting business context to IT, the new partnership will provide customers of both companies with advanced IT solutions and outsourcing services with a global reach.

Like the athletes that come from all corners of the earth to participate in the Olympic Games, IT organizations cannot stand still gaining extra weight and failing to improve efficiency and peak performance. To remain relevant, agile and lean, IT needs to continuously assess and improve how it functions and what people, processes and technology are necessary for an optimal environment.

Together with Atos, we give executives a clear line-of-sight across the entire IT landscape, to better understand which assets are needed to function at its best and to make well- informed investment and divestment decisions focused on the needs of the business. 

For more details on the Troux and Atos partnership, please visit our press room


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