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Creative Enterprise Architecture

Last week I discussed why Enterprise Architecture frameworks matter. This week I would like everyone to think out of the box, and come up with ideas to make Enterprise Architecture (EA) sexy.

Are we still promoting Enterprise Architecture the same way we were told to 30 years ago? It’s time to change!

Creativity or Innovation?

The Harvard Business Review defines creativity as people’s ability to change their perception of reality by creating new ideas and approaches. Innovation, on the other hand, is defined as the ability of materializing those ideas and allow for change to happen. In other words, creativity is about conceiving new ideas and innovation is about turning those ideas into reality.

Have architects stopped being creative?

As Enterprise Architects, we get caught up in philosophical discussions around methodology and process instead of focusing on enabling the business to clearly understand the value of EA. As a result, Enterprise Architecture is viewed as an overhead that costs money and does not provide any value.

It’s time to bring sexy back!

I would like to challenge all Enterprise Architects to think about what EA could be and find ways to innovate.

Get your palettes and easels out because it is time to get creative.  Forget everything you know about EA for a moment and think about how it can drive measurable business value with minimum cost and risk.  Be creative and think about the following questions when going through this process:

  • Is your idea desirable and compelling (i.e. sexy)?
  • Can your idea provide measurable value?
  • Can your kids understand it?
  • Would you be willing to pitch it to your CIO?
  • Is it simple yet complete?

Let’s collaborate together to bring sexy back.

See you next week, same time, same place.

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