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It’s National Get Organized Week. How Can You Cut Down on Clutter?

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By: Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

organization help 100313 blogStaying organized is getting harder and harder as emerging and disruptive technologies continue to derail our concentration every minute of every day. Our brains can only hold so much, so it’s not a surprise that in today’s technology-driven world we find ourselves misplacing items, forgetting lunch dates, not returning phone calls – the list goes on and on. We simply have too much stimuli.

Just for Fun: Count the number of email pings that interrupt you while you read this. Count the IMs and / or text messages. What about those distracting pop-ups or animated gifs from other sites that might be open. And, that doesn’t even consider social media, mobile apps, and the like. Keep a rough tally, just for some perspective.

Luckily simple to complex workarounds exist to keep us on task. Close your email client for a designated amount of time. Turn your mobile to silent and flip it over (it only hurts for a minute). Close your web browser, your IM, and any other applications that make noise or pop up.

While we can’t exactly remind you about that Q4 planning meeting later this week, we can help you neatly organize your Applications and IT portfolios and show the connection back to the business capabilities they support. This organization and clarity helps business leaders make better decisions.

Troux Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) solution provides the visibility you need to better understand your IT and Business landscape. In turn, you can make quicker, more informed business decisions with a management discipline that enables you to understand and optimize the assets that are important to your business.

Get all the info you need in one place. Organization at it’s best.

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