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The EA Costume – Trick or Treat?

Last time I discussed the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2013 and what it meant for the future of EA. This week is a special Halloween edition.

Happy Halloween! 

Tonight is the night that we take our kids door to door asking for candy while holding out a bag or something large that can hold a bunch of the sweet treats. As an Enterprise Architect, sometimes I feel like I am trick or treating when I ask organizations for information to enable EA. Do you ever feel this way? Isn’t it sad when you come up empty handed? Should we be wearing a costume to get our treats?

You can’t trick or treat without a costume – The EA Costume.

Put on your EA costume before meeting with an organization. What do I mean by this? I mean that you should go as a servant. Talk to organizations in a way that evokes the feeling that you are there to help. After all, that is the purpose of EA. Start the conversation by asking questions and listening without trying to solve any problems. There are several positive outcomes that will occur as a result.

  • People within the organization will feel a sense of ownership
  • Enterprise Architects will be looked upon as trusted advisors instead of “ivory tower” rulers
  • Benefits will be realized by both the organization and the EA team
  • Everyone will feel inclusive of a shared vision

The bag is overflowing with goodies.

Don’t forget to wear your costume. People like to be heard and like to be part of something. It’s what drives and motivates all of us. Serve your customers and you will go back to your EA team with a bag full of goodies. Your team will be amazed and excited by the results. You will be able to move EA forward by leaps and bounds because you will have gained full support from each organization.

Join me in putting on a servant costume and helping EA become a team of trusted advisors that are here to help. EA is here to serve for improving business outcomes with minimum cost and risk.

Don’t forget to say Trick or Treat!

See you next week, same time, same place.

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