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You Don’t Have to Be a Psychic to Read our Mind Map

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By: Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

crystal ball 103113Obviously, important strategic planning and decision making should not be driven by palm reading or a crystal ball. But, what if I told you that you have all the information right at your fingertips?

Let Your Data Be Your Medium

The business world runs on data. Whether you are analyzing customer behavior, looking at trends across departments, or just keeping track of applications, information and projects, today’s technology driven culture results in massive amounts of collected data.

Understanding how all the data points relate to and impact one another means we don’t have to rely on reading the tea leaves to make a wise decision. Every day we see business leaders use empirical data more and more to make decisions that affect their business and its customers. But as the amount of data increases exponentially in volume and complexity, extracting valuable and actionable information becomes a difficult task.

At Troux we find that the biggest challenge for our customers is figuring out what information is important and understanding how that information can be presented to other stakeholders to promote better decision-making.  It is our experience that a mind map usually does the trick.

Seeking Answers

Creating a mind map does not require the use of electrodes or hypnosis. We simply work with our customers to identify the business outcomes they seek.  The ability to achieve these outcomes can usually be tied to finding the answers to important questions.

Our mind map is a simple way to illustrate this approach – showing how the answers to important question drives desired business outcomes.   Mind maps are powerful tools that can be used to communicate Enterprise Architecture strategy and results to key stakeholders, regardless of their technical prowess or business acumen. They allow everyone to easily get on the same page and look at all the moving parts that affect the desired outcome, no matter how many or how complex.  

Find the answers that you seek with a visualization or analytic report created and maintained through Troux solutions. It’s our own version of a crystal ball… based on the facts –  packaged to reveal and predict.

Take a look at our Mind Map here


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