7 years, 2 months ago

Making sense of technology hype and fads!

There is so much going on these days on the technology front – it is exciting and overwhelming at the same time! How does one make sense of these disruptions, nexus of forces, fads, trends and hype! There is cloud computing, mobility, social collaboration, BYOD, crowdsourcing, gamification etc. and everything seems to be a fast moving target i.e. high innovation speed and low maturity in many cases.

All of this and many of us are still stuck with managing or growing our slow moving, expensive, high risk, meat and potatoes type of ERPs and Datawarehouses! 🙂

Question: How does an Enterprise Architect make sense of all this technology “noise”?
Answer: “Through the lens of business outcomes”.

Pause and let it sink in because this has been the hallmark of all great companies who have been able to harness the true power of new technologies to achieve their business objectives.

I am always reminded of this from Jim Collins’ Good to Great” –
“Good-to-Great organizations avoid technology fads and bandwagons, yet they become pioneer in the application of carefully selected technologies.”