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LeanCoach. Measure – Fact collection

Last technique in the Measure phase (M in DMAIC), the Fact collection will be the subject of this Blogpost. Facts and numbers about potential causes of problems and the process in general will give you a better understanding of the process and the way of working, and are therefore essential for every improvement initiative.

What is it?

Measuring = knowledge! Often we feel that things are not running very well. Maybe waiting times are long or there is a lot of recovery work. But is this really the case? We need factual information. This technique focuses on collecting and recording these facts.


Getting started

  1. The refresh button in the LeanCoach collects all flagged yellow sticky notes. These are the potential causes that we collected in the previous phases. Distribute the yellow sticky notes over the field.
  2. Review the yellow sticky notes and discuss in the group where there is a need for factual support.
  3. Based on the inventories above, the team members are prompted to action. They are going to collect the facts.
  4. As soon as the facts are identified, they are processed into the features of the yellow sticky notes.
  5. This way the information will be available in future (analysis) techniques.

?Tips and best practices

  • Make use of instantly available data: for example monthly reports, annual reports or data in supporting systems.
  • Determining and measuring facts is not always an easy task. Frequently it is still necessary to take new measurements. Carefully consider whether the situation allows to take these measurements yourself, or have co-workers in the process do it (for example by keeping a tally).?


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Fact collection in BiZZdesign LeanCoach