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LeanCoach. Measure – Analysis selection

This Blog focusses on the Analysis selection, the last step of the Measure phase (M in DMAIC). This step creates a bridge between the Measure and the Analysis Phase. 

What is it?

The Analysis selection closes the Measure phase. The Measure techniques have helped us collect information, facts and ideas. This has resulted in many (potential) issues in the process (yellow sticky notes). In the Analysis selection we choose the techniques that we want to use to take a closer look at the issue at hand.


Getting started

  1. The refresh button in the LeanCoach collects all flagged yellow sticky notes.
  2. On every yellow sticky note you can indicate which technique you want to use for further research. You can do this by clicking on the little shopping cart, or by clicking on the icon at the top of the screen. Every yellow sticky note allows you to select multiple techniques, which are:
    1. ​​​​​Proces Waste Scan: analysis of standard forms of waste in the process. 
    2. Value Stream Map: analysis of (customer) value in the process. Which activities add value? 
    3. Voice of the Customer: which part of the process involves the customer? 
    4. Bottleneck Scan: where in the process do we find ‘bottlenecks’?
    5. Hidden factory: which activities in the process are repeated because the process didn’t work the first time? This can be recovery work and handling complaints.
    6. Context Analysis: which problems occur in the context of the process? Unnecessary rules, poor ICT support and insufficient motivated personnel.
  3. ​​​By selecting a technique on a yellow sticky note, this sticky note becomes visible in performing this technique.

Tips and best practices

  • Try to select at least one technique for every yellow sticky note. If the issue is not related to the process, you are better off choosing the Context Analysis technique.

​If it is unclear what the objective is of different techniques, it is advisable to read upcoming Blogs about these techniques or the tutorials in the LeanCoach.

Analysis selection in BiZZdesign LeanCoach