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Data Center 2.0 – The Sustainable Data Center now available

Link: http://eaaasblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/10/data-center-2-0-the-sustainable-data-center-now-available/

The book ‘Data Center 2.0 – The Sustainable Data Center’ (ISBN 978-1499224689) is now available on Amazon.

Given the complexity of the ‘data center supply chain’, the number of stakeholders that are involved and the issues that are at stake, data centers are a fine example of a topic that looks like an IT architect topic but instead is an Enterprise architect topic.

Data centers are also an example of a “new” quality attribute that deserve much more attention of enterprise architects: sustainability.

A sustainable data center should be environmentally viable, economically equitable, and socially bearable. Creating sustainable data centers is not a technical problem but an economic problem to be solved.

Data Center 2.0: The Sustainable Data Center is an in-depth look into the steps needed to transform modern-day data centers into sustainable entities.

The book takes a conceptual approach on the subject of data centers and sustainability. It offers at least multiple views and aspects on sustainable data centers to allow readers to gain a better understanding and provoke thoughts on how to create sustainable data centers.

The book has endorsements of Paul-Francois Cattier Global Senior, Vice-President Data Center – Schneider Electric, Mark Thiele, President and Founder – Data Center Pulse, and John Post, Managing Director – Foundation  Green IT Amsterdam region.

To get an impression see the following slide deck.