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2014 Moments and Memories: A Holiday EA Reading List

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By Ben Geller, VP Marketing, Troux

year end review 121714 (3)First and foremost, wishes for a very happy holiday season to you and yours from all of us at Troux!

As we wind down work for the holiday break and ensuing festivities, we want to thank our loyal readers, customers, partners and vendors for another great year – one that brought us the best quarter our company has ever seen. It’s exciting to see our space continue to build momentum and maturity, especially as we head into a new calendar year with fresh opportunities and challenges

We understand how things go – business takes precedent and proactive reading gets bookmarked, postponed or forgotten – so we’ve decided to compile a list of our most-read posts to make catching up a bit easier. Hopefully, you’ll see the same patterns, shifts and progress we’ve noticed in discussions and posts over the course of 2014.

So curl up with a hot mug of cocoa or settle back in with a glass of eggnog, and enjoy getting up to speed on the gifts and insights that the world of enterprise intelligence can bring you in 2015.

The Top 5 Troux Blogs Posts of 2014

Data: Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better
In this post we break down one of the biggest hype cycles of 2014 – Big Data. To answer your most important business questions, you don’t need a lot of data. You need just enough of the right data. Remember, Big Data doesn’t necessarily mean all the data.

Office Space 2: The Rise of Milton
Is enterprise architecture broken? Nope. This post looks at how every aspect of business is part of the new digitally-connected enterprise. Even as other buzzwords like “digital transformation” take hold, enterprise architecture is going mainstream.

Business Intelligence vs. Enterprise Intelligence
This post is especially near and dear to our hearts, because it’s the crux of our differentiation in the industry. Business intelligence, in its traditional form, is a revelation for product development and go-to market strategy. CIOs and CTOs, however, require data intelligence that spans the entire enterprise so it’s clear how every decision and investment they make affects the business at-large. Read how enterprise intelligence makes that happen.

The Next Chapter of Enterprise Architecture: Self-service
Fact: Enterprise architecture is a collision of two worlds – IT and business – that touch every employee at a company, not just the IT department or the C-suite. In the mobile-ready, connected enterprises we’ve seen blossoming in 2014, EA self-service capabilities are a key component of managing realities and challenges without stressing your IT resources.

Enterprise Architecture: It’s Not Just About Technology Anymore
Perhaps the most important cultural shift for enterprise architects in 2014 is that they are moving into a trusted, strategic advisory role. Their ability to navigate disruptive forces while maintaining focus on strategic goals and vision are unique and irreplaceable.

Now that you’ve looked back over our “trending topics” for the year, let’s get some discussion going. What opportunities and challenges do you think will greet enterprises in the new year? How will disruptive technologies and adapted approaches impact EA?

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