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The Entity Card

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Whatever business you are in, information is the most important raw material there is and it should be understood by many. Using tools like the entity card is one way of communicating on relatively stable information structures, there are other ways. People may say this is hard and takes a lot of time todo. To them I would recommend that they think about the basic information used in the business and evaluate for how long the average entity has been around. My experience is that most entities within a business domain has been around at least +80% of the lifetime of that domain. Changes to the entity is almost always on business rule or attribute details.

The Entity Card

When you should use this

  • Whenever you set about designing an entity you can use these questions to understand the shape and use of the entity in scope
  • When you need to document in some detail a key entity

What you should consider when you use this

  • Use this is a guide, change it to fit your needs
  • An entity in the overall information architecture is just one piece of the puzzle
  • This card is best used as a communication tool in collaboration between agile teams and architects


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