5 years, 3 months ago

Architects as Alchemists

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=234

Architecture in terms IT or business architecture is a relative young area. It interacts with a lot of areas that are also ver young such as economics, business science, etc. We often make the mistake to call these other areas science or engineering, but we all know that a lot of things in these areas is guesswork as many theories will have a very short life span. Also building architecture apart from the strict structural element has gone through a lot of phases. 50 years ago most architects still believed that they would be able to lift the intelligence  and the moral behaviour by building massive concrete apartment houses or to design a kitchen that looked nice but where you could not really move.

As such I believe that most architecture is alchemy in the same way as some great inventions were discovered by alchemists such as to produce solid chinaware, but most was pure guesswork or bugs schemes in transforming lead into gold. The lead into gold you will find in many areas of architecture in the last 30 years were a certain design or a certain type of software were sold as gold, but turned out to be lead. I personally see architecture a long way away of being a science in term of physics defined by Newton, maybe with the exception of the pure IT technology engineering.

So as long as we remember that architecture is not science and we stay away from promising to to turn lead into gold we have a good chance still to decent job and slowly move in the direction of getting more scientific. Even if you will not agree with my conclusion please look out for all theories that over-promise!

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