4 years, 10 months ago

Pega Buys OpenSpan: Watch out – RPA Vendnor Landscape Is About to Change

Enterprises, in their quest to reduce labor costs are applying RPA technologies. Yet they do not have a well-defined set of principles and best practices including how to position RPA with other process tools and initatives. Today it may have become a bit more clear. Pega is the first tech provider, and only BPM market particpant of substance, to purchase an RPA provider (OpenSpan). The combination brings robotics, analytics, and case management together – and that makes sense. Think of Pega's process/rules capibility firing off a set of RPA scripts.

RPA in many respects is an alternative, some would say the polar opposite of Pega's current business model that feasts on the transformitive "big IT spend" for BPM, case management, automation, and customer service projects. RPA does not require invasive integration. It is a quick hit for automation, a “low touch” approach for process improvement for brittle legacy systems. The bottom line. Enterprises that employ labor on a large scale for process work, can gain efficiencies by just automating repetitive human tasks for the “as is” process.

OpenSpan is nice pick up for Pega that will help with back office BPM work, but more so with contact center environments where the agent requires human and machine multi-tasking that often spans multiple windows and web applications, few of which are integrated with each other. Cumbersome process flows, rekeying of data and lack of integration add up to lengthy call times, reduced accuracy and an overall increase in customer frustration. Pega/OpenSpan, will give Jacada, and NICE a run for thier money and the future integartion with Pega's analytics tarcks where the RPA space is heading.

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