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Globally Integrated Enterprise 2

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In my post on the Globally Integrated Enterprise (June 2006), I reported a comment by James Martin about the growth of the Indian CEO. A few years later, Megha Bahree reported Eight Indian CEOs At Big U.S. Companies (Forbes, December 2009). Now both Microsoft and Google CEOs were born in India. See India-born CEOs are taking the U.S. by storm (CNN MoneyInvest, August 2015).

@juliapowles notes that the relationship between Google and Microsoft started to improve in September 2015, shortly after Sundar Pichai became Google’s chief executive. Coincidence?

Meanwhile, the relationship between Google and Oracle remains tense. Google has just won the latest battle in the ongoing legal war over its use of Java code in the Android operating system.

In case you were wondering, Oracle does not have an Indian CEO. Unusually, it has two CEOs – an Israeli woman and an American man – as well as Larry Ellison remaining as CTO and executive chairman. (Not exactly normalized, eh Larry?)

Ms Catz has been leading the Oracle legal battle against Google. No doubt she has Mr Hurd’s full support …

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