4 years, 8 months ago

Process Modelling in ArchiMate in BiZZdesign Architect

Link: https://masteringarchimate.com/2016/06/07/process-modelling-in-archimate-in-bizzdesign-architect/

A short while ago I wrote about using ArchiMate to model processes instead of the (agreed, vastly superiour) BPMN language. What I did was change the visuals on ArchiMate elements to support this and I also did a few things that are not (strictly) ArchiMate 2.1 compliant. But it is practical if your demands do not require the power of a real process modelling language such as BPMN.

I created those views by creating a special profile for BiZZdesign Architect (which allows for quite some under-the-hood tinkering and messing about). I’ve now created an update to the official Mastering ArchiMate profile for BiZZdesign Architect version 4.7 to support this alongside the standard viewpoints in a single model. Which means you can have views that looks like this:


which is ArchiMate in the Mastering ArchiMate colour scheme. Note that it uses the Business Activity element which is not standard ArchiMate but an extension available in BiZZdesign Architect (a leftover from the pre-TOG days of ArchiMate). But in the same model I can now have the following view (of the same structure):

EntryProcess-BPM in ArchiMate.jpeg

The above is not strictly legal in ArchiMate 2.1 (mainly because of the Nesting used), but good architects are pragmatists, right? I’ve also added a few trigger relations to the set of allowed relations in my standard profile. The approach (including what is non-standard) is explained in the previous post and in the manual of the Mastering ArchiMate that is part of the tool support package.

Follow this link to get the Mastering ArchiMate tool support package.