4 years, 8 months ago

What are you worth as an architect

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=348

Within architecture as in every other profession we will always be confronted with the question on much we will charge on our services. Usually over time someone will express that you have no value unless you charge a lot of money. However if you buy into this all the architects and other professionals doing open source will be completely wasters, which is somehow usually the opposite of perception.

On the other hand you will argue that you have to charge to get a good life style, which of course applies to everyone.

The key on compensation is however always build on demand and supply on number of years on a skill when you are in the free economy and on certification and time in service if you work in public service. Merits and special professional successes are seldom taken into account contrary to common perception as they are pretty useless to be used to compare one person to another.So the fact that I make this blog will have no positive impact on my purse.

In the private sector you will therefore see people capable of 5 different areas of architecture being paid dramatic less than someone with just one of those areas as he had more time to solely spend on that area. In the public sector on the other hand an older guy only good in memorisation will always be the top earner even if all the real good work is done by younger people with original ideas.

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