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Business is too fat and lazy

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In the Summer of 2016 the British trade minister stated that the UK business men are too fat and too lazy. Funny enough no business group really got upset. You can always explain that with the notion that no one really takes politicians serious. However The whole made me think of laziness in business and how it affects architecture.

Often many architects I talk to think of industrialisation as something that happened over hundred years ago as they accept the premise that every business and every business function after the first world war must be industrialised. The thing however is that apart from heavy industry and farming very little was ever industrialised. Here you can see two aspects of laziness. One on behalf of the business that will only industrialise if the pain gets to big in terms of surviving such as you can now see in banking and even then only as much as is just needed. The second area is that of the laziness of architects that just accept facts that are no facts. This laziness does not only manifest in accepting certain things as of historical fact only, but also go so far to check every new trend around the corner.

So for architects it is important that whatever you read as a historic fact in business or computing you should only really file as historic once you have made your own investigation (yes I was approached by a company that wanted to expand its use of IBM punchcards and financially doing quite well and another that still susses the abacus for some accounting). Additionally we also need to look at any solutions that still run in the environment we are placing modern solutions; this can properly best be demonstrated on mobile CRM systems and their lack of acceptance. Th e idea of storing everything on computers instead of paper may be a sound one but a lot of frontline staff will tell you that everyone accepts people taking hand notes during a meeting, but once they type on a computer any report is gone, so by including some mobile CRM systems some sales people had to enter all information after the meeting (less ideal as the memory decades) or use their laptops and loose some business as they disconnected with their customers.

As such their is not too much we can do on the laziness of the business, but a whole lot we can do against our own laziness.

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