4 years, 4 months ago

Want To Create Action From Big Data? Look At Enterprise Insight Platform Suites

By now firms are deep into their big data investments — and frustrated. Too many new and rapidly evolving technologies are built on an open source and named after a bunch of zoo animals. The term insight platform has struck a chord with technology buyers exactly because it offers a path out of this mess. In fact, insight platform was the number-one emerging technology in terms of investment and interest in Forrester’s Q3 2016 Global State Of Enterprise Architecture And Portfolio Management Online Survey.

What exactly is an insight platform though? I introduced the term in my May blog post Insight Platforms Have Arrived and then refined it and explained the vendor landscape in my August post Tame The Beast: Forrester’s Insight Platform Vendor Landscape. Over the last few months, we have been conducting a Forrester Wave™ evaluation of the most mature segment of the market, enterprise insight platform suites, which are:

“…Integrated or partially integrated suites of data management, analytics, and insight execution components that require some integration and configuration to form a platform.”

We looked at seven vendors in our evaluation — IBM, Oracle, Pivotal, SAP, SAS, Teradata, and TIBCO. All of these vendor have the proven ability to meet the most demanding requirement for enteprise data management and analytics; however, our standards for insights platforms were very high were very hight. Not only did we expect the vendors to have performed well in Forrester Waves on individual products, we wanted them to have top-notch reference customer ratings, and we actually expected their suites to behave more like platforms, not just a bunch of tools.

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