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Everybody Needs PraXtice

Link: http://angryarchitect.com/angry/2016/12/21/everybody-needs-praxtice/

This year marks thirty years since the publishing of Zachman’s seminal paper. And since then there’s been a torrent of publications on architecture. What’s always puzzled me was that despite all that brain power and all that paper, and believe me I’ve got bookcases and filing cabinets full of it, I’ve never come across  a lightweight fit for purpose architecture methodology. Well that was until now! PraXtice from True Technology Partners is exactly what Architects have been hanging out for. It’s been a log time coming!

In its simple direct style “PraXtice is a research based methodology designed for Architects by Architects. The goal is a methodology that shows you HOW, not simply tells you WHAT to do.” It does what it says with no apologies,   its intent is clear and concise. “Our objective with PraXtice is to provide a practical methodology that you can start using today and to get you going as quickly as possible.” And it does that in about 16 pages!

Before we all get carried away PraXtice makes it clear in its unequivocal style, in what may be the best paragraph ever written about architecture, that there is more to architecture than the mere application of methodology or the completion of a template.  The Crystal Clear Statement, the second paragraph of the documents says it all:

“Let us make one thing CRYSTAL CLEAR right from the outset. PraXtice is a tool for Architects. Applying PraXtice might improve your architecture practice, but it will NOT make you an Architect. There is more to architecture than any methodology can provide. The folks at True Technology Partners know that it takes a long time, patience and a lot of effort to become an Architect. The PraXtice methodologies assume that you have served your apprenticeship and that you have the prerequisite knowledge and experience and access to the necessary resources and artefacts. If you think you can Google your way through this one; you are very much mistaken!”

You just have to love the clarity! PraXtice comes in four versions Free, Professional, Complete and Advanced. And get this Free is exactly that, you can download it or copy it and give it to your friends or not. As they TTP folks say where’s the risk? What’s more, in this over hyped commercialized world, you’d never guess that you can’t just get the cheque book out and buy Advanced edition, your organization has to qualify for it! How’s that?

The production values on PraXtice are a bit on the light side, but it’s the content that counts. And as they say never judge a book by its cover.


Access to PraXtice is a little limited at the moment, but if you email PraXtice@truetechnologypartners.com.au the folks there are really helpful. Give it a go, it’s probably better than what you’re doing now. And what have you got to lose?

The Document FreePraXtice2017

Save as the Model FreePraXtice.archimate

Note may have to rename the Model by dropping the .pdf  – I didn’t.

Archi Link http://www.archimatetool.com/download