7 years, 3 months ago

Analytics = Sales Growth

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=406

When you lock around on trade shows and web page you will quickly see headlines that tell us that the newest sales analytic tool will get you XX % more sales. The problem is that sales analytics nowadays just do not keep their promise. They are great when you want new ways to visualise sales and display your pipeline, but actually they no longer boost any sales.

The first sales analytics on mainframe systems in the 70 & 80s really help a great deal especially the ABC lists (where you segment customers in their purchasing power) and the quarterly change lists that showed sales people clients that reduced their order and those with special increases. These kind of analytics often created up to 40 % sales increase.

Today it is usually down to other systems to increase sales such as sales intelligence systems that report on market opportunities, relevant news and completion activity. These systems should not be mixed up with analytics that show trends or predict sales volumes as while they are important for management they do not increase the sales as such. Other systems that increase sales are efficient tracking of goods and services offered, as well as sales exception tools that allow a fast follow through. Just be aware that sales is more boosted by helping customers at their challenges then any deploying solution. This is why systems that enable your sales force to spend more quality time with your customers are preferable to analytics.

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