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The stories behind VPEC-T and other tools

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More stories about #vpect and other tools will be covered in #foundindesign in the coming weeks. I’ll be telling the story of how VPEC-T came about. It started back in the 90’s when at DHL I worked with a team of around 30 people globally on something we called Business Service Specifications. I’ll explain how the “P-E-C” evolved from that, and then how that led Carl Bate and I  went on to add the “V and T” lenses when working in Criminal Justice in 2006. By telling such stories, I hope to make the tools I use more useful to others. Some of these tools I helped create (like VPEC-T), but many of which I simply adopted, so no claim of invention, or “my IP”! Many smart people have adopted, created and refined some great thinking and designing tools – I’ll be explaining why & how I’ve used them, along with, a few of my own.
Here’s a link to a recent post on LinkedIn that gives a feel for where I’m headed: VPEC-T: A Ten Minute How To Guide and here’s the new blog: The Found In Design Unbook.  

Thanks to Nick Gall (@ironick) for prompting this post.

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