7 years, 2 months ago

The 2017 Enterprise Architecture Awards: Driving The Customer-obsessed Digital Business

Just about every company Forrester works with tells us they are driving to become Digital Businesses. But not just ‘digital’ as a technology imperative – they are investing in digital to dramatically change how they serve their customers – with target benefits rippling over to customer retention and acquisition. We call this focus Customer-obsessed Digital Business.

There are four critical success factors for customer-obsessed digital business:

  • They are customer-led. Their customers – what they value and how to best serve their needs — are the center of business strategy and their operating model.
  • They are insight-driven. Decisions — both the day-to-day operational as well as the strategic — are based on deep insights into their customers, markets, and the broader ecosystem.
  • They move fast. They use speed to continually evolve how they go to market and serve their customers. They balance opportunity — which must be responded to quickly — with caution — a desire to ‘be perfect out of the gate’.
  • They are connected. They break down silos so as to have a shared understanding of business goals, and use a multi-discipline approach executing on strategy.

An EA program could ignore these critical success factors – do what it’s always done for tech standards and application designs. But if it does, it is missing an opportunity, ignoring a key business imperative and sub-optimizing its own value.

Forrester and InfoWorld would like to highlight the EA programs that have changed how they work – embracing the opportunities for helping their business be customer-led, insights-driven, fast, and connected.

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