7 years, 1 month ago

Consolidations in Data Governance Tooling Are Emphasizing DG importance for future Data Usages

While data governance has been a business need for years, it is becoming more visible as a center stage business concern. Driving this shift are new regulations and new requirements addressing consumer data ownership, privacy and business interest data monetization. Two of the most important regulations are GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation), and BCBS 239 (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision regulation 239). Forrester recognized this change three years ago when described the evolution of data governance from 'data input quality' to 'data usage' – which we call Data Governance 2.0. Some emerging data governance solution vendors, like Collibra and GDE, moved aggressively to address the new requirements of data governance 2.0. But the larger established vendors – IBM, Informatica, SAS or SAP, were moving more slowly as they prioritized investments in developing a platform supporting Systems of Insight.

Two just announced acquisitions demonstrate that larger established vendors now recognize the need for renewed data governance offerings:

· Informatica purchase of Diaku Axon platform. The acquisition announced on the 22nd February of the Diaku Axon platform adds to Informatica’s current Data Governance execution capabilities (DQ, MDM, security/masking) more business oriented capabilities like vertical knowledge (finance,) and support of regulations such as GDPR and BCBS239.

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