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Today I like to talk about the parenthesis in term of rhetoric not the moth called ‘Lecithocera parenthesis’. Parenthesis is an explanatory or qualifying word in a passage or statement, as I have just attempted in the first sentence.

I most modern writing qualification of a statement often only happens in the second or third sentence as it is seen impolite to assert a qualification early. However at the same time we all know that most people will only remember the first sentence, so something like Paul is great at the piano, but horrible at singing is better than first praising him as a musician and much later telling that he is actually rubbish in signing. This is also the reason I have given up reading about music and instead listen to the first 30 seconds of a new song.

The same is true for all professional statements as a well as for value segment in the negative, as people expressing a negative statement concentrate all their energy on the negative instead of putting something positive in the first sentence such as Paul is a horrible politician, but I really admire this communication style. This example will also bring you much more readers as people are seldom interested in a pure vilification if they got a bit of education.

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