7 years, 1 month ago

A change

Link: https://enklare.wordpress.com/2017/03/19/a-change/

Almost one and a half year since I wrote anything on this blog. I’ve spent that time to participate in creating a spark that ignited people to change how they view their opportunities in business. From this initial spark was created a network or perhaps movement is the more appropriate word that has grown ever since and now supports people in reaching their business goals. I’ve reflected a lot during this time, mostly about myself and how my actions and inactions influence the direction of events. The insights gathered from this reflection has seriously changed the way I participate in conversations and brought about a much higher input vs output ratio. When earlier I was spontaneous and quick to act I’m now far more tempered and careful about my contributions.

Except for being part of creating the spark and continuously supporting the effort to keep the fire alive I’ve been deeply involved in several consulting gigs. Each one more challenging than the next and almost always centered on aligning people around important decisions, facilitating a journey to find a vision or coaching teams so that they are strong enough to survive and thrive under demanding situations. All of this and the lesson learnt from it boils down to the one basic belief that democracy is the only way forward. 

We are analog beings living in an analog reality playing with digital representations, errors will fuel the transformation.