7 years, 11 days ago

Digital death

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=735

I have seen some people running around with the message to digitalise everything with the same brain emptiness like some Jehovah witnesses or free thinkers. The key with digitalisation is first to ask yourself about the consequences and the causality chain, before starting to act on a solution.

So when you deal with caring or healing people be careful to introduce the digital revolution as a robot as counsellor may be fun in science fiction, but is less fun once you have no means to get a larger and larger mass of people that will not reenter the mass of productive populace. On the other hand some mundane tasks should be replaced, however even then only if the digitalised workflow actually turns out to be more efficient. There are however enough example where the digitalisation turned out to add so high costs that some businesses were thrown out of business because they went digital.

The thinking with people that defend the digital revolution often follows the same pattern as that by the people preaching the continental drift hypothesis as you will find some fossils on continent that are not connected. So they and a lot of scientist argued that the continental drift hypothesis must be right , just to be disproved by geophysicists. However even hundred years after the hypothesis was disproved people still believe in it as it is more a religious belief bu atheists now.

The same also applies to digitalisation which is only successful in areas where you can gain through industrialisation and where it is acceptable, in all other areas digitalisation may seem as a good idea, but as long as it is not proven with a full assessment it may do more harm than good.

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