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Making friends in the legal department…

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Effective January 1st, 2017, the Florida Bar mandated technology continuing education for lawyers. The mandate came in a rule change ordered Sept. 29 by the Supreme Court of Florida. Florida lawyers must complete three hours of CLE every three years “in approved technology programs.”

I humbly predict that (1) Other BAR associations will follow the excellent example of Florida and (2) Vanguard EAs see this as an opportunity to be exploited. IT has always struggled with communicating with the business where the burden was on IT to close the communication gap. How often do you get a mandate where the business has to understand IT?

Imagine a scenario where Enterprise Architects help shape the learning of the Law department when it comes to understanding technology? I have come to appreciate how many of these types of opportunities go unfilled in corporations I have both worked at as well as interact with as an industry analyst. For example, how many Property & Casualty insurers have underwriters focused on business continuity policies but otherwise have never connected their needs and approach to how IT professionals might think about information security? After all, one way to disrupt the continuity of a business is increasingly via cyber-insecurity methods.

Enterprise Architects need to look for opportunities to make 1 + 1 = 3…

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