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Agile in BPM

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In business process management a lot of people are talking about agile and a few are using it in very limited way, so I will lock at some of areas here that always emerge in projects.

Scope: Usually BPM non agile projects prefer a fixed scope, whereas in a fill agile world the scope is dynamic in the backlog and the restrictions only apply on sprints. Most BPM agile people however have worked so long in waterfall project that the dynamic agile scoping never really works. Also grooming of the BP is usually a non starter for the same reason

BPO: The business process optimisation usually work on methods such six sigma are ideal places for agile and also the only place where agile BPM work universally.

TOM: The target Operation Model is an area that can be developed in short sprints and daily scrums usually have shown to help to create really good TOM, but here many companies will prefer a waterfall method with a very centralistic top down approach.

SOP: Standard Operation Procedures follow a very similar pattern as TOM, just that in reality they are often also done in isolation of each other which explains the really horrible quality of most SOP’s I some instances they are actually written by the software testing staff to save time on analysts with all the none BP forgotten. However SOP created in a true agile way usually are much better and on average even cheaper.

However always remember never to teach agile by developers in BPM, otherwise BPM is lost.

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